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Are websites becoming obsolete?

Updated: Mar 1

Is having a website for my business as important as it once was?

Since the beginning of the Internet era, small and big businesses have relied heavily on their branding and advertising on their website. Now with Social Media, we hear the question from many, "Are websites becoming obsolete?"

Social Media Behavior

The new generation of Internet users spend more than 11 hours per day on Social Media, an increase from 2023 at 9 hours per day. Most people start their day browsing through popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the list goes on. These platforms now have added more features that keep you on their platform to browse through business's products, service offerings and even complete a purchase all without leaving the social app. This behavior is making most entrepreneurs and brands questions whether their website has the same relevance it once had.

Are People still Googling?

Statistics show that more and more consumers are making purchase decisions based on the suggestions of their social media friends. Many will ask their social media friends for suggestions on restaurants, products and services via a post in which their friends can post direct links to specific businesses. Traditionally, consumers would turn to Google to search for local businesses and products.

So, does this eliminate the power of Googling? Our answer is No, not anytime soon. Google search is still a very powerful tool that many will continue to utilize. Even though more social media users are now using the search tools within their favorite social app, Google still ranks the highest in search, which also answers the question whether websites are becoming obsolete. Your website will be the direct link to your business whether consumers find you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in traditional fashion, searching on Google. So, for now, websites live on. We invite you to read "How to Win in 2019 with Your Website."

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